What's My Pee Telling Me?

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From the Manufacturer… What's My Pee Telling Me? -- What goes in must come out. It's that simple. But what does it all mean? Therein lies the mystery—and the key to your health and happiness. In this entertaining and fact-filled guide, the authors of the best-selling What's Your Poo Telling You? expand their probing inquiry into the workings of the human body to reveal the secrets and splendors of farts and pee, as well as more about their inevitable companion, poo. In the shocking and informative final section, the authors explode a variety of popular myths about the gastrointestinal tract. After reading this book, you'll never think of your bodily functions in the same way again!
Josh Richman met his coauthor while they were undergraduates at Brown University. Their shared fascination with the inner workings of the human body, along with their mutual appreciation of good fart jokes, brought them together to write this book. Josh holds an MBA from Stanford University and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Anish A. Sheth, M.D., holds a medical degree from Brown University and is a gastroenterologist and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine. After an eight-month hiatus from daily diaper changes, Anish is once again dealing with the all-too-frequent Poo-nami.