The Better Sleep Program by Jeff Strong

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A Comprehensive Program to Transform the Way You Sleep

A sleeping pill or a relaxing CD may give you short-term relief—but is there a way to heal the root causes of insomnia? With The Better Sleep Program, researcher Jeff Strong delivers a powerful new tool for training your brain and nervous system to consistently provide natural, relaxing rest.

Using rhythmic entrainment techniques developed at the pioneering Strong Institute, this eight-week program progressively dissolves the neural patterns of fitfulness and anxiety that inhibit sleep—rebuilding your body’s innate capacity for dropping off easily and entering deep, restorative sleep. This easy-to-use program features:


  • Bedtime listening sessions for optimal sleep—featuring soothing guided sleep practices and music-only sessions
  • Morning stimulation sessions to promote long-term changes in your sleeping patterns
  • Three bonus tracks: Energy Boost, Calm, and Focus
  • The Deep Sleep Booklet and resources for ongoing support from The Strong Institute staff
  • Free video support and progress tracking