Sushi Chef Kit

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1 kit contains .5oz nori, 1oz wasabi, 6oz. pickled ginger, 5oz. rice vinegar, 5oz. dark soy sauce, 10oz. sushi vinegar, 20oz. rice, 1 bamboo rolling mat, 1 bamboo paddle and 1 cookbook.

This kit includes all that is needed (except the fresh ingredients) to prepare sushi at home. Sushi is vinegared rice, not raw fish. A cook can use any type of topping or filling to prepare sushi (seasoned rice). The kit includes Short Grain Rice, Rice Vinegar, Sushi Vinegar, Nori, Wasabi, Pickled Ginger, Dark Soy Sauce, Bamboo Mat, Bamboo Paddle and the Sushi Chef® Cookbook-- enough to make 125 pieces of sushi. It is a great gift idea for an adventurous cook.