Surprise Cake Kit

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Bake, decorate and surprise everyone with this 3 tier cake kit.

You probably never imagined you would be capable of making an impressive 3 tier cake. Now you can make one quickly and easily. The three moulds turn a daunting idea into an easy task. The rest of the complements will help you give the right atmosphere to your party. Fun is guaranteed!

Who doesn’t like a party on their birthday? Surprise your families and friends with a celebration at which your 3 tier cake will be the most talked about item. Cooking and sharing is one of the most gratifying experiences there is, and it is also an excellent way to show affection. Celebrate a charming party! Christian Escribà, the renowned pastry and chocolate chef, has designed a product for Lékué in which magic and surprise is a fundamental element. Perhaps you think this is too difficult a task, but Lékué makes it easy for you. Let me tell you how. The baking kit includes 3 silicone moulds of different sizes to bake the sponge cake layers of your cake. Prepare the batter and put the 3 moulds into the oven. Yes, you heard right, 3, the set is designed to allow you to bake them all at once, with the resulting energy savings. Once the sponge cake is done and has cooled off, you just need to assemble the cake. The moulds have lines that show you the exact place to put each cake tier, so they will be perfectly centred. The cake goes on the platform included in the set, which has a precious design and colours that will show off your dessert even more. After that, you just need to decorate it. You can find inspiration in the recipe booklet that we have included. Now, be proud of the result and enjoy the party!