StubbyStrip Vino

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The StubbyStrip Vino is the latest innovation from the team StubbyStrip.  The StubbyStrip Vino is the perfect way to carry and keep your wine cool (or from overheating if red wine). Vino can carry 1-4 bottles of Wine, Champagne, Long Necks, large water and soft drink bottles. Get it today before it’s gone!

StubbyStrip is made from a high quality Neoprene material, which is the same fabric used to make wetsuits.  It is well known to be long-lasting and very durable in the toughest conditions.

The StubbyStrip is ideal for taking drinks to picnics, going to the beach, sporting events, concerts, parties, or any other event where you need an easy way to carry and keep your drinks icy cold without carrying a cooler around.  The StubbyStrip is also a practical way to carry drinks when fishing, boating, camping, golfing, hiking, and so much more!