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From the Manufacturer… Over One Million People Have Used Dr. Thompson’s Programs
Turn Any Room into a Peaceful Oasis...with this DVD of Tranquil Skies, Majestic Mountains, Soothing Streams and a Clinically Proven Relaxation Soundtrack by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson.
DR. JEFFREY THOMPSON has developed a breakthrough technique to help you effortlessly unwind and let go of the stresses of the day. Embedded into the peaceful musical soundtrack to these irresistibly calming images of nature are audio processes that actually slow down your brainwaves and lead you easily into the deepest state of “Alpha” relaxation. Sit back, slow down, and come into harmony with nature.
Clinically Proven Relaxation System Based on 25 Years of Research
• Dr. Thompson’s Programs are used by Fortune 500 companies, health care professionals, and more than a million individuals worldwide. • Filmed in High Definition for exquisite imagery on any DVD player. • Stereo and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround audio options. • Booklet includes relaxation tips for a balanced and healthy life.
Music by Sound Healer Jim Oliver and Alpha Brainwave Scores by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson Your choice of musical soundtrack, sounds of nature, or music and nature combined.