Magnetic Tea Ball Tea (Green)

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From the Manufacturer…

Update your granny’s heritage teapot with the smart Magnetic Tea Ball by Magisso.

The Magnetic Tea Ball works in every teapot – and it is 100% drip free!

- Magnetic tea-ball-infuser
- Material: Silicone and stainless steel.
- Designed for Magisso by Simon Stevens.
- Patent pending.

1. Fill up the the Magnetic tea-ball-infuser with you favorite tea.
2. Place the sucker of the tea-ball inside the lid of your teapot.
3. Pour hot water into your teapot.
4. Place the lid on to your teapot with the Magnetic tea-ball hanging under water.
5. When your tea is ready just fix the Tea Ball to the sucker with a spoon.
The magnets on the sucker and the tea-ball will secure it above the water level.
This way your tea doesn’t get bitter and you won’t drip tea on your table.