Jokari Avocado Pro Green/Gray

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From the Manufacturer…

Open, pit, slice, scoop and mash - all with one tool!

Speed up prep time in your kitchen and save valuable storage space with the multifunctional Avocado Pro by Healthy Steps. This feature packed avocado tools cuts open avocados, pits, slices them into bite size pieces, scoops out the healthy avocado meat and contains a masher to make homemade fresh guacamole. This is one tool no kitchen should be without!

How to use:

•Use the serrated cutting surface to open the avocado
•Insert the concave tip under the seed to remove the pit
•Drag the slicer through the meat of the avocado to create even slices
•Use the masher located on the opposite end of the tool to mash avocados for salads or to create guacamole
•Top rack dishwasher safe

Benefits of eating avocados:

•Avocados contain phytonutrients, which help to prevent many chronic diseases.
•Often referred to as “nutrient booster”, the avocado helps to absorb alpha and beta-carotenes from other foods when eaten with the fruit.