Guided Imagery: Preparing For Surgery 2 CD Set

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Jane is a Mind/Body Coach at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Integrative Medicine. Jane has extensive training in hypnosis and guided imagery from Harvard University, the Mind/Body Medical Institute, Beth-Israel-Deaconess Hospital, The Academy for Guided Imagery in California, and Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital In Cleveland, OH. She has been professionally producing these relaxation tapes and CDs for over 10 years, some of which have been used in medical research with great outcomes. In addition, Jane is a research consultant for several universities doing research in imagery and mind/body medicine.
CD Details
Track 1: Preparing For Surgery: Instructions and Suggestions: Helpful instructions, suggestions, and information about guided imagery and surgery for an optimal surgery experience.
Track 2: Guided Imagery to Prepare for Surgery: A guided meditation to prepare for surgery in specific and helpful ways, including but not limited to: increase relaxation and calm, reduce bleeding, balance immune response, fewer complications, and faster healing.
Track 3: Guided Imagery During Surgery: A guided meditation to listen to just before and during surgery or in the recovery room, to enhance calm, comfort, and to reinforce positive outcomes after surgery.
Track 4: Guided Imagery After Surgery: A guided meditation to provide comfort, promote healing, and faster recovery in the early days after surgery.
Track 5: Guided Imagery to Stop Nausea: A guided meditation to stop nausea and vomiting related to health conditions, illness, treatment, and recovery and to increase comfort.