Energy Awareness Meditations by Sudhir Jonathan Foust

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Yoga Masters Meditation Series audio programs are powerful guided meditations led by teachers from the most respected yoga schools in the world. Their words, energized by deep personal experience, will lead both novice and experienced practitioner into deeper states of peace, insight, and awakening.

"Yoga teaches that there is an intelligent life force called prana, which guides the functioning of body and mind. When prana flows freely, healing, growth, and inner peace is the natural result. This series of guided meditations, based on the teachings at Kripalu Center, will attune you to the presence and flow of this life force, renewing your body, mind, and spirit."—Sudhir Jonathan Foust

Sudhir Jonathan Foust is president of Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, the largest yoga center in North America. Sudhir has studied and practiced numerous approaches to meditation from both the yogic and Buddhist traditions. He is also a senior teacher at Kripalu Center, a mind-body therapist, a flautist, a teacher trainer, and leader of a variety seminars and retreats designed to help people cultivate a living relationship to spirit.