Elegant Origami Book Set

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From the Manufacturer… The art of origami comes alive with this special gift set, which provides everything a crafter needs to create fantastic folded figures. Open it up to find a fully illustrated book with both basic and advanced geo-gami projects; a toolset with folding and scoring utensils; a gridded work area mat; and best of all, 60 sheets of origami paper. Beginners can start with a Killer Whale, Flying Dragon, or Unicorn, while the advanced geo-gamists can challenge themselves with tessellations that include a Triple-Tiered Hexagon, Triangle Squash, and Dancing Squares. These projects are sure to spark your imagination and provide a wonderful outlet for your creativity.

Kit Includes:

- Elegant Origami, 80-page full-color book

- 30 sheets of beautiful 8" x 8" origami paper

- 15 sheets of traditional 6" x 6" origami paper

- 15 sheets of patterned geo-gami paper with folding lines

- A completed geo-gami project

- 2 bone folding tools

- A bone scoring tool

- A gridded mat