Black Dog Belly Rub

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From the Manufacturer…
We dedicate this rub to one of my favorite black dogs, NFTCH Carronade’s O’ Rylee Factor. Rylee is a very special Lab and won the 2003 Canadian National Retriever Championship at the age of 2 with Dan Devos as handler/trainer. Rylee is now at Handjem Retrievers for her Ph.D. Rylee is the right blend of bold and beauty, the way a great steak should be off the grill. Steaks and chops complement this rub perfectly. Coat the beef in olive oil, rub on the Black Dog Belly Rub, and grill it to a nice medium rare. Top it off with a pat of blue cheese, or jalapeno, martini, horseradish, or bourbon butter, and you're set for dinner!

Blended with every pepper imaginable, garlic, onion and herbs. No added salt. No preservatives.