Athletic Yoga: Yoga for Strength DVD with Eddie George

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Athletic Yoga: Yoga for Strength DVD with Eddie George

Former All-Pro NFL running back and Heisman Trophy Winner Eddie George joins sports yoga instructor Kent Katich for four dynamic, athletic yoga workouts designed to increase mobility, flexibility, strength and competitive focus.

Elevate your game with these four workouts that are designed for all practice levels:

Dynamic Movement (20 minutes)
Use sun salutations to strengthen back and shoulders, increase flexibility and improve focus

Core Strength & Endurance (20 minutes)
This more dynamic practice uses breath control to build endurance, hip openers and standing poses to build leg strength, and arm balances to work the upper body

Power, Balance & Stability (20 minutes)
A focused session combining standing poses to create a strong foundation and improve alignment.

Cool-Down & Recovery (20 minutes)
Calming, restorative post-workout cool-down focuses on hamstrings, hips and back

Bonus Practice: Full-Body Workout (7 minutes)
A short, yet dynamic full-body practice integrating cardio, strength and flexibility work