AM and PM Meditation

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With Rodney Yee & Martiza

2 Complete Programs Plus BONUS Practice


Deluxe DVD Edition

Begin and end the day with centering meditation practices. Practicing A.M. and P.M. Meditation can help you move through the day with inner calm and focus.

A.M. Meditation is a simple morning program led by internationally acclaimed yoga and meditation instructor Rodney Yee. A gentle yoga warm-up helps transition your body from sleep to seated meditation, followed by breath work to stimulate the body and mind and ending with a guided meditation. P.M. Meditation invites you to step back and take a quiet pause at the end of your day to recenter and unwind. Long-time inspiring meditation teacher Maritza shows you how to sharpen your awareness, broaden your perspective and find sanctuaries of stillness to the inner layers of your body, mind and breath.

The deluxe DVD edition includes both Programs, a bonus yoga practice to make seated postures more comfortable and in-depth interviews with Rodney Yee and Maritza. Devoting just a few minutes each day to meditation can help bring inner clarity, vitality and peace to your life.

The Deluxe DVD Edition includes:
• Two complete practices to begin and end the day with mindfulness
• BONUS chair exercises to stretch the back and hips
• In-depth interviews with Rodney Yee and Maritza

An inspiring practice for everyone!