3-Piece Portion Control Set

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From the Manufacturer… 3-Piece Place Setting includes one each of New Wine-Trax, Snack-Trax & Meal-Trax!

Wine-Trax®, the measuring wine glass: 11 ounce clear glass has 3 frosted rings at 4-6-8 ounces. Universal glass shape suits all beverages - not just wine!

Snack-Trax. This classic bowl has 3 frosted rings for quick & easy portion control. 2-cup glass bowl with portion lines at 1/3, 2/3 and 1 cup. Comes with a convenient plastic lid – great for leftovers or on-the-go!

Meal-Trax. Portion right on the plate with frosted lines indicating 1/2 plate for fruits & vegetables, 1/4 plate for lean protein and 1/4 plate for whole grains & starches - similar to new USDA "MyPlate"!

Dishwasher safe.