15 Minute Results Yoga

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From the Manufacturer…
Gain tone, strength and flexibility in less time

Yoga DVD includes four 15-minute sessions:
•Upper body toning
•Lower body sculpting
•Abdominal strengthening
•Total body conditioning

Get firmly rooted in just a few minutes each day. Yoga master Rodney Yee and yogi/actress Mariel Hemingway team up to share their expertise in these 15 minute workouts. Each targeted session hones in on the specific area you want to work on. With their friendly, approachable style and descriptive commentary, this is yoga everyone can appreciate.

At just 15 minutes per workout, this is a plan you can stick to no matter how hectic your life. In fact, no matter what your physical shape right now, you can tailor this program to match your skill level. As your endurance and agility increase, you can easily customize the program to keep you challenged and progressing.